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Ultradian cycle, Non-sleep deep rest protocol, blinking and breathing to improve focus? Doesn’t sound familiar? Then fasten your seatbelt for a trip into neuroscience.

“Ask yourself when during the day do you typically tend to be most alert? That will afford you an advantage in learning specific things during that period of time. So don’t give up that period of time for things that are meaningless, useless or not aligned with your goals.”

Andrew Huberman Ph. D.

For three years now, I have started the habit to listen to a talk or a podcast while I am cooking or eating…

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“You might not think that programmers are artists, but programming is an extremely creative profession. It’s logic-based creativity.” — John Romero

This article is for everyone but I hope it will especially help people who just started coding or would like to start. I am convinced that programming can fulfil your artist's aspiration!

But first of all, let us start with my personal story, maybe it will resonate with your current situation.

During high school, I was lost with my life, like many other young people, I had no clue about which path to follow. I loved drawing, electronics and…


Hi, I’m front-end developer, passionate about art, personal growth, and, computer science. My goal is to intersect my interests and and write about them.

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